The Municipal Theater Habitated Theater arises in June of 2011 thanks to the understanding between the members of Inhabited Theater and the Excmo. City Council of Mairena del Alcor. It was born with the aim of promoting Performing Arts, especially among the younger layers of society. The School came to fill a void of artistic training by offering a model of studies and cultural education varied, quality and affordable for all.

Regarding the theme of the productions and activities programmed by the Municipal School in these years, it is worth highlighting the special attention that has been devoted to the culture of Mairena, Seville and Andalusia, always with the intention to reinforce the local identity and the roots of the project among the citizens. In this way we have contributed to the export of the art and values ​​of our land, all treated through a contemporary and innovative language, surpassing the conventions of costumbrista theater, making the Municipal School has produced a theater of quality, current and striking for the global cultural world that surrounds us.

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