Collective exhibition on the Paseo de la Feria Antigua.

To rescue the popular memory and the history of the Paseo de la Feria Antigua, Teatro Habitado and the City Hall of Mairena del Alcor, within the framework of EMERGENTES – 7th International Meeting of Young Creators in the Performing Arts, invites the Maireneras and Maireneras to send your family or personal photographs taken in this Walk, for the assembly of an exhibition.

We would like to tell the story of a Walk that has been fundamental in the history of our town, walked by all and through the photographs of the town, for which we accept any graphic document of the space (it does not matter year, it does not matter situation; we value the variety of times).

With the selected proposals we will mount an exhibition whose inauguration will take place on July 27 in the same Paseo. In the previous days and with the participants who sent their photograph, a story will be constructed that will tell the story and can be heard at the inauguration. There is no limit per participant.

The call will remain open from April 18 to May 30.

Proposals can reach the e-mail encuentroemergentes@gmail.com.


1. Each participant can send the photographs they consider, without limit.

2. The reception of photographs will begin on April 18 and will end on May 30, 2018.

3. Participants can send their proposals to encuentroemergentes@gmail.com, with their name and all the information they can give us about the photograph, the people that appear and the story.

4. The photographs, if they are finally selected for exhibition, will have to have good quality, preferably in JPG or PDF format.

5. Once the photographs have been selected, we will contact the participants for a brief interview about the history of photography, with the possibility of participating more actively in the exhibition.

In collaboration with Mairenawiki.es, integrated in the Ateneo de Mairena del Alcor.

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