Record call for EMERGENTES 2017.

    • More than 340 proposals received, almost doubling the previous call.
    • Creators from 30 countries aspire to be selected.
    • EMERGENTES 2017 will take place from July 27 to 30 in Mairena del Alcor.
    The sixth edition of EMERGENTES – International Meeting of Young Creators in the Performing Arts closed on February 28 the deadline for the reception of proposals in order to configure this year’s programming. The result has been more than 340 proposals received, which is an absolute record of this call, increasing by about 90% the number of applications from the previous edition.
    If we break down the candidacies by their place of origin, Spain is in the lead with 114 proposals, followed by the 72 requests that have arrived from Mexico, which confirms again the relevance of this event in this country. Argentina with 49 proposals, Colombia with 23 and Chile with 17 also stand out among the countries that have sent the most candidatures. The other countries from which we have received requests for participation are China, Poland, the Philippines, Brazil, Australia, Cuba, Sweden, Uruguay, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Portugal, Costa Rica, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic , Russia, Germany, Bolivia, Italy, Greece, Vietnam, Guatemala and Holland.
    Pieces of contemporary dance, documentary theater, flamenco, children’s theater, circus, gestural theater, performances or butoh dance assure us that the sixth edition of this Encuentro, which will be held in Mairena del Alcor from July 27 to 30, will be marked by the diversity of styles and themes, as well as a very high quality.
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